Private Beach Parties at Price's Bend

Members may reserve Price's Bend Beach for private parties.  To do so please follow this procedure.
  1. Thoroughly read the Beach Party Rules
  2. Check the Calendar of Events to see if your date is available on the calendar
  3. Send an email to to reserve your date and wait for a response
  4. If a positive confirmation response is received your date will be held for 2 weeks.  Print out a Beach Reservation Form
  5. Fill out the form, put it and the appropriate fees in an envelope.  Write "Beach Reservation" on the front of the envelope and put it in the POENB  box by the blue sign in the Fire Department Parking lot.  This form must be received within 2 weeks of when the conformation response was sent in order to hold your date
Please remember that, as stated in the the Beach Party Rules, it is the responsibility of the host member to