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Boat Rack Maintenance

The POENB is requesting that all craft be removed from the Valley Grove and Prices Bend Kayak racks in order to allow for necessary repairs.  As has been done in the past, prior notice is given to members in order to give them the opportunity to remove their own craft if they so choose. If any craft are left in place they will need to be removed in order to execute repairs and maintenance of the area.  Once the repairs are executed, owners can return their craft to the racks.  Please note that Valley Grove experienced extensive flooding in the area surrounding the kayak rack. The repairs to the substrate and block border are critical.  In the case of Prices Bend, a dead tree has fallen on the back section of the East rack and it is imperative that the area be cleared for repairs.  This will also permit the placement of three new kayak racks in the designated area.

Regarding the Watertender 9.4 at Valley Grove; The designated storage area at Valley Grove has provisions for 15 kayaks.  There are no provisions at that location to accommodate any other type of craft. Any craft left on the ground presents a hazard and also prevents proper access to kayaks stored on the rack. The POENB has provided designated areas to accommodate all forms of watercraft listed in the association beach rules at Prices Bend Beach.  This includes Kayak racks, dinghy or rowboat racks and a designated area to the west for small sailing craft.  So there is no misunderstanding, this is the arrangement chosen by the membership and it has been in place for over 20 years.

The POENB is making a big effort to maintain and improve the boat storage areas at both association properties.  Several volunteers have offered their time and skill in order to facilitate this.  The goal is to improve the state of these properties for the 2017 season and beyond.  The POENB board thanks the membership for its continued cooperation with this effort.