POENB Watercraft Storage

Why is POENB creating a new watercraft storage system?

Our growing membership has asked us to devise a system that is fair to all and ensures that any POENB member who wants a watercraft slip has a fair opportunity to obtain one. This new protocol strives to do just that. It will also create a more orderly system that discourages unsafe piling of watercraft and squatting. Further, by clearing the racks every other year and organizing watercraft by type, maintenance can be performed and annual assessments of slip supply/demand can be made.

When does this go into effect?

The new procedure will go into effect Spring of 2020. We request all current water craft be removed from racks by December 1, 2019.

How will I get my new spot?

Members will have their first opportunity to select a spot at the POENB beach cleanup in May. On a first-come basis members will line up, choose their preferred spot and be issued a POENB lock. If a member can’t make that event, he/she can request a proxy to line up in their place as long as his/her name is provided to the board in advance.

I’m a senior and can’t haul my watercraft far distances.

POENB will be setting aside a number of senior designated spots (waist high and closer to the water) Seniors are defined as age 62 and older with ID. Members will be able to select a senior-designated spot on a first-come, first-serve basis at beach cleanup.

Will watercraft be removed every year?

No, watercraft will be removed in odd years only so members in good standing will be able to stay in a spot for two years (assuming they renew their membership before March 31). Failure to renew will result in the freeing up of that slip for someone else. Members who first request a slip in an even year will only have it for one season.

I have multiple watercraft…what do I do?

Rapid proliferation of kayaks paddleboards and other watercraft in recent years (many per family) is one of the reasons we need to implement this system. You’ll have to choose one craft initially. This is free and included in your POENB membership.

What if I want to register a second boat?

Within a week of the initial spots being offered, the beach chair will announce additional days where, if unclaimed spaces remain, members can show up and purchase one additional spot.

Do I get the additional spot for two years?

If supply exceeds demand, yes. But in year two if there are members who don’t have a slip and need one, we will begin to free up “second slips” in the order they were obtained. Last to purchase a second slip will be first to be freed up. Only if needed.

Why do I have to use a POENB lock?

POENB managed locks will allow oversight of the spaces for both maintenance and safety reasons. If we have a storm surge that requires quick repair of the racks or re-alignment of watercraft, the POENB needs to be able to move boats easily. Use of a personal lock or doubling up the POENB lock with a personal lock will result in the lock being cut, the boat being removed and the slip forfeited.

Can you share some ways you’ll be improving the current storage system?

Starting in Spring 2020, slips will be numbered and routinely monitored

Spots will be designated by watercraft type (i.e. no kayaks in dingy area & vice versa)

We plan to revamp the dinghy storage by building a corral for upright, tighter storage

Only one watercraft allowed per slip. Stacking of paddleboards or kids kayaks atop the primary craft will not be allowed. Kids boats should be brought in and brought out by parents, not stored at the beach.

Heavier tandem craft will be assigned to a rack able to accommodate the weight

All boats must be clearly labeled with the member’s last name. POENB prefers use of official Coast Guard stickers for labeling & will hand them out when slips are issued

We will be assessing our rack needs on an annual basis based on the numbers of registrants so we can make smart decisions about if/when to build more storage.

We will begin tackling the problem of derelict sailboats as well. More as we fine tune.

This process will be an inconvenience

We know…but long term it’s the right thing to do because it’s a system that will be fairer for all members, and allows the Board to maintain the property in a safe and organized fashion. Thanks for doing your part to promote a better POENB.