2018 Advertising Rate Card for Changing Tides

Reach: 415-425 homes                                                                                                                                                                                  Frequency: Monthly

Advertising space in the Changing Tides is traditionally placed on the back page of the issue in color, however given space limitations this cannot be guaranteed. In some high-density months an ad may need to be shifted into the body of the issue or a supplemental ad page. If an ad needs to be rotated off the back cover, it will be rotated back the following issue. If a color ad needs to be placed inside as b/w, CT will issue discount the advertiser $10 for that issue, reflected on invoice. Value added: Ads also appear on archived issues on the POENB website and on a dedicated “Support the Advertisers who support POENB” page on our website, refreshed annually.

Full Page Ad

Given space limitations and desire to accommodate multiple advertisers, full page ads purchased in the Changing Tides will be tipped into the issue as a free standing insert. CT will likely accept only 1 full pg. ad per issue. Advertisers have two options: provide CT with their own pre printed 8.5 x11 (less expensive) or have us print it (more expensive, costs passed on to us by printer). If we print, POENB reserves the right to sell advertising on the opposite side of the page or use it for POENB messaging. Pricing below reflects cost of adding a single page tip in to a regular issue

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