2019 Advertising Rate Card for Changing Tides

Reach: 415-425 homes

Frequency: 9 months/year

Advertising space in the Changing Tides is placed in the most visible sections of the paper:

1) Inside, opposite the popular Community Bulletin Board and 2) On the back cover. The interior ads are reproduced in b/w and the back cover is color. The editorial staff rotates ads between the spaces to make placement equitable for all advertisers. Placement of ads is at the discretion of the editorial staff. Specific placement location cannot be requested. In the event advertising in a given month exceeds the two dedicated spots, additional ads may be spread throughout the issue or a free-standing b/w page of advertisers could be added. Ads should be submitted in color if possible and the CT staff will create a b/w version of the color ad. Personal or Want ads (for POENB members only) will be placed in the issue wherever there is room to accommodate them.

Full Page Ad

Given space limitations, full page ads purchased in the Changing Tides will be tipped into the issue as a free-standing insert. Advertisers must provide CT with 415 copies of own pre-printed 8.5 x11 and delivered to our Distribution Manager. We will insert your ad into the paper. Ad must be submitted to CT in advance and approved before the insertion is considered accepted.

9 publication months: Jan.; Feb/March; April, May, June, July/Aug.; Sept.; Oct/Nov; Dec.