Message from Mayor Letica - September 12th, 2017

September 12, 2017

Dear Neighbors:

On Friday, September 8, the Village hosted an emergency planning meeting to review the Village's response to a major storm and a possible breach of Asharoken Avenue. Trustee/Police Commissioner Mel Ettinger, Village Emergency Manager Bill Raisch, Officer- in- Charge Ray Mahdesian, Storm Water Superintendent Avrum Golub and I were joined by: Town of Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone, Deputy Supervisor Pat Delcol, TOH Emergency Manager Betty Walsh, TOH Highway Supervisor Pete Gunther, TOH Maritime Director Ed Carr, USCG Senior Chief Tony Martinez, Northport Fire Department Chief’s John Jacobsen and Dennis Sheridan, Eaton’s Neck Fire Department representative Larry Cavanagh, Huntington Harbor Master’s Office, USACOE, Suffolk FRES (Fire Rescue Emergency and Safety), Suffolk County Police Department Second Precinct and Homeland Security Emergency Services.

Bill Raisch led the discussion, which began with planning for a coordinated response commencing 72 hours prior to the event and proceeding through the actual response. The spirit of cooperation and common concern for the safety of the residents of Asharoken and Eaton's Neck was remarkable. Without a doubt, this meeting put the Village and Town in a much better position to respond to a serious storm.

The value of a meeting, like the one we had last Friday, is exemplified by what happened in the Village after Superstorm Sandy. In 1992 the Village had a very bad nor'easter which buried much of Asharoken Avenue in sand and telephone poles. A lack of a plan to respond to this type of event caused the road to be closed for over 3 days. Fast forward to August 2012, when again under the leadership of Bill Raisch, I hosted a meeting to plan for exactly the same type of event. When Sandy hit in October 2012 the same stretch of Asharoken Avenue was similarly rendered impassible by sand and poles. But unlike 1992 the road was reopened by noon of the day after Sandy. Planning really makes a big difference.

With the recent impacts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma I encourage all residents in the Village and Eaton's Neck to plan for a serious storm. It is important to think about what supplies you may want to have on hand and in the unlikely need to evacuate a place to go. Staying safe should be your only priority.

Mayor Greg Letica