Budget Vote 2015

Temperatures are rising and the snow is melting.  We are still trying to shovel out from a rough winter in the Northeast and here on Eaton's Neck (remember we are in better shape than Boston!).  This Winter has put the POENB behind schedule and we need your help to get things moving

The 2015 budget still needs to be approved and we are asking for you to vote here online so we can get this year going.  We are asking 2014 members (one person from each household) to follow the links below and submit your vote on the proposed budget before 11:59 PM on March 28th.  Please understand that on the ballot we ask for your name.  We have to do this because we have to verify that this vote comes from a 2014 POENB member.  If we had this vote at a meeting we would ask for a show of hands so in effect there is no anonymous voting anyway.

Remember - 2014 members only and before the end of the day on March 28th.

View the proposed 2015 Budget

Cast your vote on the budget

We thank you for your support and cooperation