Message from The Vice President
July, 2017

Every year we encounter the question of can we, and should we, do more with Prices Bend and Valley Grove.  In the years that I have been participating with the POENB some of the proposed ideas that have been presented included;

•building a dock at PB
•building a structure at PB that would include a gazebo, rest rooms and storage facilities 
•extensive landscaping and stone work in hopes of creating a country club atmosphere 
•build a dog run
•re-occurring organized activities such as; sailing lessons, swim lessons, yoga as well as some other “camp like” guided activities (including an actual day camp).

Some of these proposals gained notable support from the community. Others were fleeting, but all would require the POENB to take a change in course from the original agreement and commitment that granted ownership of the properties to the Association.  This is something that we are legally bound not to do.  Aside from this commitment, any project or organized activity ,presents much to consider.  Implications that are often not considered are financial, quality of life, residents rights to quiet enjoyment, ability to maintain our beaches, and compliance with local, state, and federal law (TOH, DEC, DOH, NYS etc.).  One of the most important responsibilities we have is to comply with insurance requirements and shelter our properties from exposure to liability.  In today’s litigious climate this is no small task. We are currently settling a lawsuit that involved a swim platform that the community voted for.  The initial idea was not much different than those that are being brought forward right now.  On the front end they seem wonderful, but down the road they take a turn.  That settlement has an impact to our ability to insure our properties, either through higher premiums, or getting dropped and having to find new coverage.  We are still unsure of how this will impact our insurance going forward. This suit was a turning point for the POENB as the concerns about exposure to liability are no longer speculative but are now actual.  As a board member, one of the most common responses I receive while explaining to our membership that we must take a conservative stance when deciding on permissible uses of the Association properties is “What is the big deal, its just…., we just want to enjoy the beach and have some fun doing….”.  At times it can be hard to convey a big picture perspective that is fair to all.  Hopefully this message will help bring some clarity.

Prices Bend and Valley Grove are two wonderful, amazing, and sacred places here in our community.  To say we are lucky to have them is an understatement.  There is so much to do and enjoy while keeping to our core commitments.  A day at the beach, a BBQ with friends and neighbors, a place to sail, kayak, boat, a wonderful playground for our children, the ability to host parties and gatherings for your families and of course a few great Association events every year that brings our community together.   Every year the Board works to improve on what we have and the results are tangible.  We work very hard to do this while keeping to our commitments and making sure the properties are fairly used and accessible to all of our members.  So the question we ask is; Do we need to do more at the risk of jeopardizing the properties?  Do we allow activities that we know will increase our exposure to liability? Is it really worth the risk? 

Imagine life in our community without Prices Bend and Valley Grove.  Imagine the impact this would have on your quality of life and your property values.  Imagine if those properties reverted back the Town of Huntington for public access.  The Board appreciates ideas and cherishes volunteers.  We feel it is very important for the community to understand the reason behind our conservative stances.  Prices Bend and Valley Grove are generational gifts.  Our decisions, as a Board, seek to be fair and balanced, but the goal is to always consider the impacts to the beaches, liabilities, and keeping them in wonderful shape for all members to enjoy.  

Please feel free to email the board with any questions. 

Ken Nye
Vice President