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New Playset

Exciting news:  The replacement of the Price's Bend playground set is almost complete.  During the process, the board was able to negotiate the removal and installation of a new swing at Valley Grove for no additional cost.  The swing there was in disrepair and the replacement ensures safe swinging for years to come.  The complete process has come in at budgeted cost and looks terrific. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please do not use until Monday morning October 13th.  This will allow the anchors at both locations to set up properly.  Both play areas will have "caution" tape on them to prevent casual use until Monday.  

Thank you,
Ken Schultz

"Ribbon Cutting Event for the Children"

Parents and children come down Monday October 13th at 9:30 AM to Price's Bend for coffee, donuts, smiles, and .....ribbon cutting on our new playground!!!!!!