President’s Message
July - August 2020

Members, neighbors, and friends, I applaud you all, we are blessed to live in this community.

August and July continued to test our resolve and we were certainly up to the task. Pandemics, tragic fires and epic storms did not keep us down –– they strengthened us. Community is what this enclave is all about. After the storm, after cleaning up their own properties, the community banded together and took to the streets to support neighbors and friend in pure acts of service. On the subject of service, our all-volunteer fire department answered the call on several fronts, showing the importance of volunteerism and community.

I am proud of our first responders and all their efforts throughout the year to be prepared for the call. Even in the face of a tragic house fire right here in Eaton’s Neck, our community came through with supplies and emergency funding for our neighbor in need.

There are many new community members here in Eaton’s Neck. I urge everyone, old and new, to please join our association and get involved in your community and all it has to offer. The POENB is your association and access to this amazing group of incredible individuals.

Frank Bonomo, President