President’s Message

May 2018

Welcome to Spring! Our community has experienced an amazing bloom of leadership, support, community spirit and volunteerism. Thank you to all of those who participated in the two beach cleanup projects. The transformation was incredible! The Valley Grove team was able to repair the stairs, solidify access to the beach, load seven yards of earth and gravel behind the seawall while still
getting to the beautification of the gardens and swing area. Price’s Bend had a great turn out too; dinghy, kayak and canoe racks have been inventoried, swim lines are out, trash picked up and the beach raked and primed for a wonderful season.

Now that our properties have been spruced up, we are ready to take on a fantastic social calendar. This month we have one of our biggest events of the year, Parti Gras. Please join your neighbors and friends for what is sure to be a memorable day. Please check the website and Facebook page for more events, including Mozzarella Making, A Night at the Theater, Paint Night and community garage
sale. I am still committed to growing our POENB community to 300 member families; please speak to your friends and neighbors about joining this awesome community group.