President’s Message
June - July 2020

Welcome to Summer!

We got off to an interesting start and I am grateful for the amazing change in policy which has our quiet little enclave back to a new normal. Thank you to Dom Spada, the Office of Maritime Services, Park Rangers, life guards, and gate attendants who have all done an amazing job bringing peace, order and clarity to the usage of Hobart Beach. Dom Spada went well beyond the call of duty and worked closely with the board, members of the community, and law enforcement in service of restoring the Eaton’s Neck way of life. Please consider contacting the Town of Huntington Board Members to request the hiring of full time Park Rangers to protect our town beaches and parks as they are an incredibly valuable resource.

POENB beaches are looking tip top!

I am so excited to report that the watercraft registration has been great success and we are at capacity at both beaches. To me, this is wonderful news — our membership is enjoying its beaches and all that our community has to offer. The POENB board has learned a lot during this process and are excited about increasing capacity, while bringing to the community exactly what they need to enjoy the water. Therefore, your participation up front is so vital to the process and thank you all for working with myself and the board. Please continue to enjoy our beaches responsibly and safely.  Happy July Fourth.

-Frank Bonomo, President