President’s Message

December 2018

I love spending a silent night on one of our quiet beaches at this time of year, reflecting on the months that have just flown by. As our kids grow up and we try not to, our community’s love and warmth remains a constant throughout the years. We visit our neighbors’ and friends’ homes with cookies and bottles of cheer while the kids are outside being amazed at the twinkling of decorations and lights.

There’s a wonderful sense of magic in the air. Santa comes into town on an Eaton’s Neck Fire Truck and the kids line up at the firehouse holiday party anxiously waiting to tell him what’s been on their wish list all year. Every day I come home to new holiday cards filled with messages of good will and cheer. We live in a town so peaceful we can still hear the sleigh bells if we listen close enough.

As I sit here on this silent night watching the waves slowly lapping onto the shore, what I’m feeling is grateful. I’m grateful to everyone that makes up our incredible community and those who make this time of year special for all, the same gift you have given me.

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. Thank You for being a valued member of our Eaton’s Neck community.
Frank Bonomo, President