President’s Message

December 2019

‘Twas Night on Eaton’s Neck
By Frank Bonomo

‘Twas night on Eaton’s Neck,
the sky was crystal clear,
not a squirrel was running,
not even a deer.
The stockings were hung
by the chimney somewhere,
in hopes Amazon Prime soon would be here.

The children were sleeping,
passed out in their beds,
while visions of social media
ran through their heads.
And Gene Caputo deserves thanks,
let’s all give a clap,
for he’s settled his brain for a POENB nap.

When out in the yard,
I could hear so much clatter,
I jumped from the bed
to find Nick Cavuto climbing the ladder.
Away to the window I ran like The Flash,
thanked Nick for his service,
and told him to dash.

All volunteers on the Neck,
working rain or snow,
have my heartfelt thanks, too,
just so you know,
when checking the mailbox
all throughout the year,
neighbors’ new membership forms
bring so much cheer.

With a little beach town,
our membership is plenty,
working together, let’s grow our numbers
in the year 2020!
More rapid than Osprey,
the board members they came,
he wrote poetry and emailed
to thank them by name:

Wow Ryan! Wow Bethany!
Wow Steve and Julie!
Oh, Gene! Oh, Nora!
Oh Nick and Vinny!
To the beach of Valley Grove,
to the beach of Prices Bend,
now thank you! Thank you!
Thank you my friends!

He jumped in his Jeep,
to the board gave a beep,
and away he drove home
for some much-needed sleep.
But The Neck heard him shout,
as he drove into the night,

“Happy Holidays Eaton’s Neck!”,
and drove 30 mph out of sight.