President’s Message

February/March 2019

Property Owners of Eaton’s Neck Beach members and nonmembers, your community needs you to answer the call. Membership to our association not only supports our community, gives you access to our beaches, countless social events and our buying group…this year it will protect the property values of every home on Eaton’s Neck.

This year the association is taking on the rebuilding and beautification of the Valley Grove property. Our project requires the association to raise over $100,000.00. If we had the contribution, in the form of membership from every home on Eaton’s Neck this year, we would have a slight surplus of that number. All homes are impacted by the condition of our association properties regardless of physical address.

Your community, neighbors, friends all need your support now. For those who have been members, thank you for your continued support. For those that we have lost over the years please consider coming back and joining. If you have never had interest or feel the association is not for you please consider a one-time trial of our group to support the community and protect your property values. Thank you in advance for the support and commitment to Eaton’s Neck.

-Frank Bonomo