President’s Message

July/August 2019

Dear residents, members, neighbors and friends,

I was watching a comedy special the other evening where comparisons were being made between folks running from the miserable summers in the south to people bragging all year long about the incredible two weeks of summer they have up north. While the punchlines were timed just right for some great laughs, I couldn’t help but think how truly lucky we are right here on Eaton’s Neck. Our summers are absolutely incredible and year after year we are reminded of the relaxing, warm season with our neighborhood festivities, the sounds of kids riding their bikes up and down the street, cookouts at the beach and endless days of pools, boats and sand.

On Saturday, August 24th, we will have our Family Campout at Price’s Bend Beach. The kids
absolutely LOVE this tradition of cooking out, watching movies, making s’mores and playing with the other children until they climb into their tents for what the parents hope to be an evening of [some] sleep. We hope to see everyone there for an unforgettable time! Just a reminder that kids are back in school after Labor Day so be certain to keep an eye out for school busses and newer children making their way to the bus stops for the first time.

In regards to POENB business, this month we will be starting the bidding process for the Sea Wall. We are continually raising money for the necessary repairs required through our POENB membership fees and our various fundraising activities. The sea wall protects, not only Valley Grove Beach, but our property values in doing so. When you join the POENB, not only are you joining a group of warm and welcoming neighbors but you can be proud knowing that your membership fee has been used in ways to better your community and protect the place we all call home.

                Sunshine and Warmth,
                Frank Bonomo
                POENB President