President’s Message

April 2019

“...all of a sudden the freezing cold wind stopped and the gray clouds were opening up. The sun started shining and then it began to rain out of nowhere...”

-(sometime last week), Frank Bonomo
President, POENB

Well, folks, I guess we are officially in the middle of April! Hopefully all of this rain brings nature back to all of his/her glory! Everyone is coming back outside. I can hear the neighbors clicking of the BBQ grill and the kid’s squeals when Mr. John’s ice cream truck turns the corner.  There’s the oddest assortment of the first flowers that have fought their way through the earth right near the mailbox. We know what is right around the corner. Some days we wear shorts and flip flops and then regret it because we were a little too hopeful. It’s OK, at 5 we’re still figuring some things out!

I’d love to welcome any and all new families here to Eaton’s Neck. We are an incredible community and it is our pleasure to welcome you into our piece of paradise. If you haven’t already joined, please consider joining the POENB this year. Summer is just upon us and with all the children/family friendly events on the calendar, it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and get tips on gardening and anti-deer foliage. This year we are adding some more adult only events as well so keep an eye out for the events calendar or look us up on Facebook.

I wish everyone a sunny and joyful spring,
Frank Bonomo