Valley Grove Beach Bulkhead donation

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Dear Neighbor,

    Over the past year, the Board has worked very hard to make everyone aware of the deteriorating 45-year-old bulkhead at POENB’s Valley Grove beach. The protective wall at our western shoreline is far beyond its life expectancy of 20 years, making it critical that we replace it now.

    So right now you might be thinking – what does this have to do with me?

    This is a problem that concerns us all on Eaton’s Neck. Unlike many other communities, our property values are closely tied together, and to the health of our shorelines. If one bulkhead along our western shoreline fails, particularly in the vicinity of Valley Grove, the results for the adjacent properties could be catastrophic. Such a failure would impact not only those homes, but every homeowner in our area.

    Additionally, concerns about the structural integrity of our bulkhead always increase at this time of year, when severe winter storms hammer our shoreline and leave destruction in their wake.

    That’s why POENB is writing to every homeowner and asking for help. Our Association needs to raise approximately $100,000 in order to rebuild this critical community infrastructure, and we are asking you to contribute today.

    POENB, a not-for-profit organization, has been raising money over the past year towards this goal. We are so grateful to everyone who has stepped up to contribute to this important effort. At this time, we are asking all residents— both members and non-members—to join in supporting this reconstruction project.

    Our Board is committed to raising the needed funds to complete this project, and to spending our resources wisely. Through various initiatives including direct fundraising, events, membership drives and money-saving efforts, this Board has amassed approximately one-third of the necessary funding. We have hired an engineer and have secured our plans and permits for this work. The planning phase is well underway.

    However, in order to accomplish this major reconstruction project, we need your help today. Our community is only as strong as our combined efforts. We must all be the stewards of this beautiful place we call home.

    If you can give $100, $250, $500 or $1,000 to this effort, please know that 100% of your donation will go directly toward this project. If you would prefer to contribute over time, please consider signing up for recurring donations in smaller amounts, which we can set up following the schedule of your choosing (e.g., monthly) through PayPal.

    Every donation, regardless of amount, will be gratefully acknowledged, and all donors will be publicly recognized as the project moves forward.

    Thank you for your consideration. We hope you will contribute towards this project as we work together to protect our shoreline, our home values and our very special community on Eaton’s Neck.

The POENB Board