Facebook Group "Eaton's Neck News"

    As part of our online presence that we setup was the creation of a Facebook Group, “Eaton’s Neck News”.  While Facebook is a “social media” website our intent is to use this Facebook group is to quickly communicate to the Eatons Neck community.  Along with reminders of upcoming events, anytime we know of urgent news (road closures, lost pet, missing child, utility problems, etc.) we would post that information here as soon as we are made aware of it.  For those that have a Facebook account but use it in a limited way, or don’t have Facebook accounts and are hesitant about signing up for one, I completely understand.  I would suggest that you go to our web site and look under Tech Corner for Facebook Account Settings and see if I can make you more comfortable about it.

     Only administrators can post a message to the group but any group member can post a reply.  We request that everyone cooperates by keeping replies on target, applicable to the original post.  When a message is posted in the group it is automatically emailed to all members of the Facebook group.  Anyone who monitors their email and/or Facebook notices will be able to get this information quickly.

     Help us help you.  If you see anything that should get reported to the community through our Facebook group, be a “Field Reporter”.  Email us at alert@eatonsneck.org .  If it is something that should get posted it will as soon as one of the group administrators gets your email.


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