Watercraft Storage at Prices Bend and Valley Grove

POENB is glad to offer its members the use of watercraft storage racks at Price’s Bend and Valley Grove.  Please read and observe the following protocols so that our membership can safely enjoy this amenity for the coming season.

Boat storage protocols for Prices Bend and Valley Grove:
  • Storage of watercraft at Prices Bend is limited to dinghies, tenders, kayaks, canoes, and sailing craft, all under 16 feet in length.
  • Sailing craft should be stored on a proper dolly, with sails stowed and the mast must be clear of any overhead wires etc. All sailing craft must be stored on the western end of PB, beyond the rack area.
  • All watercraft must clearly display the name of the member owner.
  • Powered craft are not permitted on the beach.
  • Members in good standing are entitled to store one approved watercraft as a courtesy. Additional watercraft requires an annual fee of $25 per vessel.

  • Kayaks are to be stored on the kayak racks provided on the east an
    Price's Bend East Boat Racks
    d west sides of Prices Bend beach as well as the single rack at Valley Grove.  (West side racks at Price's Bend have just been completed)
  • The front four(4) eastern dinghy racks are reserved for dinghies and tenders serving moored boats. (the racks closest to the water)
  • Kayak racks are reserved for kayaks. Surfboards and water sports toys should not be stored on the association racks.
  • In the event that the kayak racks are full, members may store their kayaks in an open space at the rear two(2) eastern dinghy racks.
  • No vessel should ever be stored on top of another craft.
  • Vessels should not be placed in a manner that would hinder or impede access to another member’s stored vessel.
  • No vessels should ever be stored in a manner that prohibit access to the kayak or dinghy racks, whether or not another craft is present.
  • All vessels must be registered with the POENB (see below)

Any vessel that is stored at the POENB property in a manner that does not comply with the association protocols will be removed and placed in an appropriate storage area. Derelict or abandoned craft can be removed and discarded by the Association.

To Register your watercraft
  1. Make sure you are a POENB Member
  2. All watercraft must clearly display the name of the member owner.
  3. Place your watercraft at Valley Grove according to the guidelines above.
  4. For each watercraft, click on the link below to register your watercraft

Please use common sense and common courtesy in using and keeping your crafts at the beaches

Thank you,
The POENB Board